A chaser bin is an essential part of your agricultural farm machinery that will be of benefit to you and the use of your time productivity and farming results. Also known as a grain cart, the chaser bin is towed by a tractor that has its own built in screw conveyor system, this system uses a rotating blade within a tube to easily move around granular products. Chaser bins are used to transport harvested grain from a header to transport that covers significant distances across roads.

Chaser bins are the ideal farm machinery to assist your agriculture business. Here are some of the reasons why.

Time effective:

A good chaser bin will save you time by allowing you to operate on your harvest continually and without the need to stop and unload the contents you’ve gathered. This means that your harvest will be more time effective, which in turn will enable you the time to commit to other responsibilities that come along with your business.

Powerful models available:

Premium quality models of chaser bins are available on the market to allow you the option of selecting the best farm machinery that will enhance your harvesting experience. These updated and powerful models are of high durability and strength, meaning you will have peace of mind that your machine will have the ability to assist your harvest effectively.

Easy to operate:

One benefit of a chaser bin is its easy operation. Being able to operate a machine with ease is vitally important when harvesting to ensure there are, if any, minimum distractions to tend to. As well as making sure you are tending to your harvest appropriately.  

High durability:

Today, chaser bins are available in heavy duty and high strength models that are built to outlast and handle the tough terrain that is in Australia. With the changing climate conditions and natural changes progressing across the Australian land, it is important to have the reassurance of reliable farm machinery.

Are you looking for a chaser bin suited to your harvesting? Perard’s ‘Interbenne’ is designed to provide the ultimate grouper/chaser bin for grain production operations. Or are you looking for a new design that will increase your harvesting effectiveness and profitability? Get in touch with Perard today.

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