Mobile Hopper – Trans X-press

The Trans-eXpress TE 1000 Mobile Hopper allows you to transfer everything that can't pass through an auger.

Mobile Hopper
X-Flow Grain Cart Models
  • Trans Express 500

    3.80 m³ holding capacity
    Ø500mm transfer screw

  • Trans Express 1000

    3.30 m³ holding capacity
    Ø500mm transfer screw


The limited access of lorries to harvesting or crushing areas means that the produce must be taken to the roadside. The transfer times are made significantly longer and the produce is often soiled before being removed.

Thanks to the Trans-eXpress TE 1000, simple trailers ensure the transfer between the harvesting machines and the lorries, thus making it possible to work continuously without stopping the machine.


Maize, wood chips, vegetables, the multi-service transfer hopper.

The Trans-eXpress TE 1000, the ideal tool for linking the harvest to the logistics.

Non-stop harvesting, while cutting your transport costs so you will no longer any need for standby platforms or loaders, no more external contamination.


Technical DataTE 500TE 1000
Hopper length3.80 m3.55 m
Overall width1.65 m2.40 m
Height (with screw retracted)2.15 m2.55 m
Transfer height4.90 m4.10 m to 5.00 m
Hopper capacity3.80 m³3.30 m³
Transfer screwØ 500 mmØ 500 m
Certification130 km/h130 km/h



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