Keeping your manure spreader regularly maintained will not only drastically improve the running life of the machinery itself, but also to its ongoing performance. A manure spreader is a valuable investment for the productivity of your land.The upkeep of your manure spreader is important and requires several steps to ensure it stays in optimal condition.

Clean your spreader regularly:

After every use, your muck spreader should be cleaned thoroughly to avoid potential damage and performance impediments cause by a build-up of manure. This applies to all styles and models of manure spreaders. Whether your spreader has wooden or steel floors, any remaining manure in a spreader is likely to cause considerable long-term damage due to its acidity. A thorough pressure clean will ensure that your muck spreader is in good working order for years to come.

Keep it greased:

Be sure to grease your manure spreader on a regular basis. Each make and model of manure spreader will feature different greasing points, however common greasing points to look for include the rotors and rotor gearbox, the undercarriage, any chain conveyors and any control gates. Effectively all moving parts require lubrication to ensure consistent performance in the field. This will also assist in increasing the lifetime of your machine.

Undertake rust and debris checks:

You can do this before every use. Rust can spread and can lead to further problems with your manure spreader, which can lead to you having to undertake repairs or a complete replacement. Clearing your machinery of debris such as mud or remaining manure will make a significant difference and enhance the performance of your spreader. It is also worth checking the beater for any catchings of hay or straw, particularly on the shaft.

Store the spreader undercover:

The manure spreader will effectively last longer if you take various measures to protect it. This not only includes the regular maintenance and inspection of the  mechanical parts of the machine, but also storing it undercover when it’s not in use. High quality spreaders are made with a powder coating that protects them from the outdoor elements, however it is recommended you store them undercover to further prevent exterior damage.

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