When it comes to the efficiency and output of your harvest, it is vital that you have the correct farming machinery to attain the positive results that your business will benefit from. A productive harvest will be put at risk with the use of machinery that isn’t appropriate to your individual crop. Ensuring you have the right machinery will assist in enhancing your harvest but also give you the benefit of having long lasting, high quality equipment.

Ensuring you have the right machinery will enhance your harvest in the following ways:

It will improve your farm layout:

Having an even and accurately proportioned headland space will enable your harvest to commence and conclude in a faster and more efficient time frame. Upkeep this layout will ensure your harvest is effective and successful.

It will reduce costs:

Investing in the right machinery will decrease your money spending in the long run. It will simply mean you are less likely to be facing extra costs for breakdowns or machinery concerns in the long run that that could have been prevented with a model suited to you and your harvesting requirements. Equipment that is not appropriate to your harvest will not only slow down your maintaining but can be extra costly.   

It will reduce time spent:

Investing in the right machinery will not only cut back your money spending but it has the benefit of reducing the amount of time you spend with your machinery. It will allow you to continue through your day productively. It also saves the time spent tending to the maintenance and repairing of broken down machinery, time that could have instead been spent working productively on your harvest.

Effective Machinery For Your Harvest:

Perard provide a high quality and modern chaser bin that will enable the successful progression of your grain production operations. Using a chaser bin with high volume storage capacity and a highly favourable discharge rate will mean the overall efficiency of your harvesting process is enhanced particularly highly. This tool is the best possible option for transportation and discharge of seed and fertiliser, and is highly recommended for optimising the profitability of your operations.You also have the option of choosing optional extras to customise the chaser bins performance.

Perard products include ‘The Interbenne’ which is a multi purpose transport system designed to be the ultimate chaser bin used by farmers for grain production procedures.

The ‘X Flow’ includes capacity options that can provide adjustments to suit harvesters, meaning you can effectively minimise waste while improving your profitability. For more of our products you can check out our website or get in touch with the Perard team today!